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Newport News Slip & Fall Lawyer

Standing Up to Negligent Property Owners in Hampton Roads

It is the responsibility of an owner of a property to maintain its security and safety so as to reasonably protect its visitors. If you slipped, tripped, or fell because of a property owner's negligent maintenance of the area, you have the right to take action. However, proving liability in a slip and fall case is not always easy, and requires a skillful and effective legal advocate. If you've been injured on another's property, retain the representation of a Newport News personal injury attorney at Larry King Law to help you fight for the financial support you need and deserve.

How to Prove Liability

As it is in our very nature to be imperfect, and it is each of our own responsibility to take proper care of our own safety and well-being, not all slip and falls are the fault of a property owner. For example, if a hazard existed that a reasonable individual should have expected, seen, and avoided, it may be difficult to prove that the resulting injury should be compensated by the owner of the premises.

In order to prove premises liability, one of the three factors must be true:

  • The spill, surface defect, or other obstruction that caused your injury was caused by the owner or an employee
  • The property owner or an employee was aware that the hazard existed and took no action to repair the danger or, at least, adequately warn visitors against it
  • The property owner should have reasonably known that the hazard existed according to standards of property care and maintenance

Discuss your legal options in a free case evaluation.

The key word to remember in slip and fall cases is "reasonable." This term refers to the standard of what a human being can perceive and do, and is intended to protect defendants from being penalized for things that were out of their control. However, it also holds the defendant to that standard; if the defendant did not take "reasonable" measures, he or she is considered negligent.

Examples of negligence on the part of a property owner can include:

  • A defect in the ground, carpet, or floor including a torn, wet, or otherwise damaged surface that existed long enough that the owner should have known of and repaired it
  • A lack of a regular maintenance procedure, including examination of the premises and protocol for cleaning and repairing any hazards
  • An item or object obstructing walkways or pathways that had no purpose, or had not been moved after serving its purpose
  • If there was a purpose for an object or item, but it could have been placed in a different and safer location or position
  • A lack of a barrier or warning against hazards
  • Poor lighting

Finally, it is important to note that your own carelessness can affect your claim. IF your own negligent actions contributed to the accident, you may not be able to receive full compensation. As it can be difficult to prove that a property owner is fully responsible for your slip and fall, it is imperative that you have an aggressive and efficient lawyer in your corner.

We're Committed to Fighting For You

At Larry King Law, our Newport News injury lawyers will do everything in our power to help you pursue justice for the damages caused by a negligent property owner. We want to help you seek compensation for the medical bills and pain and suffering you have been forced to endure so that you can begin to move forward with your life. If you've been injured in a slip and fall accident, our team is ready to take your call and go to work for you.

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