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Justice doesn't just happen. It takes intelligence, know how, insight, credibility and a tenacious warrior attitude to investigate, understand, interpret, and present your case in the best possible manner. For over 40 years Larry King Law has consistently demonstrated and worked hard to help people find solutions to legal challenges and threats to their well-being. In times of personal crisis, you want to work with a smart, experienced, fearless professional, not beginners. Call our experienced lawyers in Newport News, VA to see for yourself. Free Initial Consultation. (Read More)

Our Passion Is The Best Possible Legal Services

We are dedicated to helping those whose health, safety, liberty, or well-being have been wrongly victimized. It is our mission to provide the best possible legal services. We care and take special pride in representing our clients in a professional, thorough, and determined manner. We have over 40 years of trial experience, and have represented thousands of people for all types of serious personal injuries, criminal offenses, and other serious legal matters. As an experienced legal team, we understand our important role in empowering and protecting each client.

Smart, Tough & Aggressive Client Advocacy

We are purpose driven to help innocent victims. Everyday irresponsible, reckless, or unscrupulous people and businesses wrongfully injure, maim, and kill thousands of innocent people. We are competitive and intelligently respond to challenges. We believe in solid preparation and top performance. We value honesty, integrity, perseverance, dedication, hard work, and a never give up attitude. We value and work hard for each client.

Knowledgeable, Experienced and Committed Trial Lawyers

We have over 40 years of tested trial, litigation, and legal experience representing tens of thousands of people for all types of serious personal injuries, criminal offenses, and other serious legal matters. Our years of intensive professional and educational training; our years of trial and courtroom experience; and our years of hands-on experience in the handling of important and challenging cases, all contribute to zealous client representation. We take pride in representing clients in a professional, thorough, and determined manner. We dedicate our energy, talent and skill to provide fearless, aggressive and thorough representation. We believe that each client is important and deserves professional and special attention. We work closely with each client, and always try to be available to answer questions. We are committed to provide them excellent service.

Empowering and Protecting Clients

Larry King Law battles for justice and is dedicated to empower and protecting clients. We represent clients whose health, safety, liberty, or well-being has been wrongly victimized. You can have confidence in knowing that you have a strong, skillful and dedicated legal team. Larry King Law has the knowledge, experience, resources and commitment to be your powerful advocate. For years, Larry King Law has zealously fought for the rights of thousands of clients. Larry King Law knows that solid preparation is essential for success in any legal matter, and that this requires expert knowledge, experience, and ability to demand answers to tough questions. With tenacious preparation, we will help you determine your best options and solutions. At Larry King we believe that " Every client is special and each matter is important."

Creative Options and Solutions

We are professionals. We are dedicated to provide each client with a clear understanding of the law, the facts, and the merits of their case. We endeavor to provide each client with meaningful and practical options and solutions.. We are committed to zealously prepare and advocate each client's positon with vigor and clarity. We always are committed to pursue justice for each client.

Highly Experienced, Talented Professional Legal Team

Our lawyers, paralegals, and staff are well educated, highly trained, and capable of providing the highest quality of legal services. With the aid of sophisticated cutting edge technology, and the best case management tools, we work as a effective, coordinated team to provide responsive, efficient, and effective professional legal services. We know accidents and injuries, we know the law, and we can help.

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We are centrally located to all cities and counties comprising metropolitan southeastern Virginia. This includes, in part, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, Hampton, York County, James City County, Gloucester County, Mathews County, Newport News, Surry, West Point, Suffolk, Smithfield, Isle of Wight County, New Kent County, and Williamsburg. We have handled cases throughout Virginia.