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At Larry King Law, we are devoted to helping each of our clients obtain the information they require to resolve their circumstances and make wise decisions about their cases. Our Newport News criminal attorney understands the difficult issue you are facing if you have been arrested for any type of crime.

We can help you throughout your case, from the free initial case evaluation to the case's conclusion. Right now, we can assist you by providing you with information on criminal law. Read through the following topics related to criminal law and defense and then consult us about your specific situation:

Aiding / Abetting
Aiding and abetting, under the Code of Virginia § 183.2-46.4, is a criminal offense that involves the helping of an individual to commit a crime. Under § 37.2-428, it is unlawful for an officer or employee to aid in or abet an individual's escape. If you are convicted of aiding or abetting, you can face similar penalties to the individual who committed the crime.

Conspiracy refers to the act of planning to commit a criminal offense in the near or far future. If two or more individuals are found to be planning to violate the law, they can be tried for a lesser degree of the crime they were going to commit. Under the Virginia Code § 18.2-22, any person who conspires to commit a felony will be guilty of a lesser charge.

Extradition is a process that pertains to a nation or state's request to have a suspected or convicted individual returned. Under 18 U.S.C. § 3182, the law describes how a fugitive is to be handled at the federal level. The executive authority of a state, district, or territory where a criminal has fled enables law enforcement officials to arrest and secure the fugitive.

Notice to Appear
If you have been served a notice to appear, our firm can help you navigate the process. Whether you received it in the mail or in person, you will need to take immediate action. Keep in mind that a notice to appear demands that you actually appear in court.

Obstruction of Justice
Obstruction of justice is described under the Code of Virginia § 18.2-460. If an individual, without just cause, obstructs a judge, attorney, or magistrate, he or she can be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor. Charges increase when other factors are involved. In general, it is a crime to interfere with the pursuit of justice. Obstruction of justice can include bribing witnesses, resisting arrest, interfering with a law enforcement officer's work, or failing to report a crime.

If you are placed under oath, you are expected to act in a truthful manner. If you lie under oath, you have committed the criminal offense of perjury. The prosecution will ensure that serious penalties are given to anyone convicted of this crime. If you are found guilty of perjuring yourself, you will need aggressive defense from our firm.

Pre-File Investigations
Before charges are formally processed, the prosecution will conduct a pre-file investigation. Pre-file investigations take place when the prosecution attempts to build a case against and examines whether enough evidence is available.

If a warrant has been issued against you, you will need to take immediate legal action. Bench warrants and arrest warrants are legal orders that require the individual named to appear in court at a requested time and date. Do not wait for the arrest to occur to take legal action. Speak with a member of our firm today if a warrant for your arrest is issued.

Consult the Newport News Criminal Attorney at Larry King Law

If you are under arrest or investigation for a criminal offense, you must take immediate action by speaking with the Newport News injury lawyer at our firm. With almost 40 years of experience, our firm can help you understand the basics of criminal law and how specific laws relate to your case. We can take action to protect your liberties that you hold as an individual accused of a crime.

Whether you have been charged with a misdemeanor, a felony, or a traffic infraction, you will need to obtain as much information as possible. It is important to ensure that you know your basic rights, which include:

  • Right to trial by jury
  • Right to be present through the trial
  • Right to public trial
  • Right to a speedy trial
  • Right to know charges
  • Right to call witnesses and present evidence
  • Right not to incriminate yourself

If you would like to learn more about your rights and how we can fight for you, contact our firm today!

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