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If you have been charged with domestic violence in Virginia, speak with our Newport News criminal defense lawyer at once. In the state of Virginia, domestic violence is also called family abuse. Under Virginia's laws, it is illegal to injure, attempt to injure, or threaten any individual within your household or with whom you have intimate relations.

Cases of family abuse can be tried in court as civil or criminal matters, depending on specific factors. Civil family abuse cases include when a party is seeking a protective order demanding that another individual cease his or her actions. Criminal family abuse cases are when domestic assault and battery occurs, resulting in the perpetrator's arrest.

Types of Family Abuse

According to the Virginia law, family abuse can be physical, verbal, emotional, financial, or mental. Typically, domestic violence is used to cause the victim to submit so that the perpetrator can have complete control over the circumstance. Before you can pursue defense against your charges, you must understand the various elements of domestic violence:

Civil Protective Order

Protective orders can be issued by the court to prevent future actions form being taken by the perpetrator. Violations of protective orders are Class 1 misdemeanors, which are punishable by up to 12 months in jail. The three types of protective orders in a family abuse case include:

- Emergency protective order
- Preliminary protective order
- Protective order

Violations of a family abuse civil protective order can result in serious criminal charges.

Final Protective Order

At the hearing, the court can issue a final protective order which grants any relief available in a protective order, orders the respondent to participate in treatment, and orders temporary child support if children are involved. Final protective orders remain in effect for a maximum of two years.


Stalker is the term used for anyone who is found to be engaging in conduct with intention to place the victim in fear more than once. Stalking is a Class 1 misdemeanor that can be punished by up to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. If the court finds that the defendant is guilty of stalking, then a judge must issue a protective order that prohibits contact from the defendant to the victim.

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You can face serious consequences if you are convicted of domestic violence or issued a protective order. If you are charged with family abuse, do not hesitate to pursue legal guidance through your case. At Larry King Law, our goal is to help you obtain a reduction or dismissal of your charges. With careful preparation, you have the chance to achieve a strong case outcome. Contact us today!

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