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Homicide is the crime of killing another individual. Homicide is considered the most severe of all crimes and, as a result, it carries the harshest penalties. Individuals who commit homicide often perform this act in the midst of a fight or during the commission of another crime.

Homicide is placed in the category of a violent crime, which involves the threat or use of violence to cause harm to another individual. If you are charged with homicide, take action by speaking with our Newport News homicide defense attorney at once.

Types of Homicide

Frequently, homicide cases continue to trial because of the gravity of the situation. If you have been charged with homicide, it is important to retain substantial legal guidance from our firm. Your case will be vigorously prosecuted by the law enforcement in Virginia. Prosecutors have abundant resources that can be used to obtain convictions for homicide offenses. The types of homicide you can be charged with in Virginia include:

Murder is a serious charge that is further broken down into:

  • Felony murder (Virginia Code §§ 18.2-32-33)
  • Capital murder (Virginia Code § 18.2-31)
  • First-degree murder (Virginia Code § 18.2-32)
  • Second-degree murder (Virginia Code § 18.2-32)

If you are accused of taking another individual's life, you will face harsh penalties that will change your life. In order for murder to be charged, it must be proven that the alleged victim died, that the death resulted from criminal actions of the accused, and that the accused's actions caused the death.

Manslaughter also carries severe penalties, including long-term incarceration. This crime is defined as the unlawful killing without malicious aforethought. Without the malice afterthought, less moral blame is placed on the defendant. The three types of manslaughter include:

  • Voluntary manslaughter (Virginia Code § 18.2-35)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (Virginia Code § 18.2-36)
  • Driving while intoxicated manslaughter (Virginia Code § 18.2-36)

Although the penalties for manslaughter may be slightly less than for the crime of murder, convicted individuals can still face years in prison and heavy fines.

Newport News Criminal Lawyer Provides Experienced Assistance

Whether you have been charged with manslaughter or murder, you will need to pursue the best possible option available to incur minimal penalties or have your charges dismissed. At Larry King Law, our Newport News criminal attorney can examine the details of the circumstance and help you build a case. You can receive legal help from a lawyer with almost 40 years of experience.

In the state of Virginia, capital punishment is legal. You can face prison time and a felony record. Without proper representation, you risk damaging your future and freedom. We offer a free case evaluation to discuss the personal elements of your situation. For more information, take the time to contact our firm!

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