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The internet has quickly become a necessity in the lives of individuals throughout the nation. It is a useful tool for education, business, and to maintain personal relationships. As people become reliant on technology, they must understand the potential for criminal activity. The state of Virginia classifies internet crimes as computer crimes. Prosecutors in the state take extensive measures to ensure that threats of internet crimes are quickly handled. If you are under investigation for an internet crime, speak with our Newport News internet crimes attorney at once.

At Larry King Law, we represent individual throughout Newport News, Virginia who are charged with computer crimes. We handle a variety of state and federal charges, including:

Computer Fraud
Under Virginia Code § 18.2-152.3, computer fraud is described as the act by an individual who uses a computer or network without authority and who:

  • Obtains property / services under false pretenses
  • Embezzles or commits larceny
  • Converts the property of another individual

If one of the above factors is involved, the defendant will likely be found guilty of computer fraud. If the computer fraud resulted in stolen goods of less than $200, then the crime will be punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor. If the value of the stolen goods is $200 or more, then it will be charged as a Class 5 felony.

Identity Theft
Identity theft is described under the Virginia Code § 18.2-186.3. It occurs when the perpetrator uses another's personal information for his or her own financial gain. For a conviction for identity theft to be obtained, the following elements must be proven by the government:

  • The defendant acted without authorization or permission to obtain personal information
  • The defendant acted with intent to defraud during the commission of the crime
  • The defendant was acting for the benefit of himself / herself or a third party

Computer Trespass
Under the Virginia Code § 18.2-152.4, computer trespass is defined. Computer trespass is a Class 3 misdemeanor and it carries serious penalties. It is also referred to as computer hacking, which involves the breaking into of a computer system to alter or modify the current settings.

Internet Sex Crimes
Internet sex crimes include:

  • Production / possession of child pornography
  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Attempted sexual contact with minor

Whether the crime is committed by way of e-mail, social networking, instant messaging or any other internet-based method, substantial consequences can result.

Computer Invasion of Privacy
In the state of Virginia, computer invasion of privacy carries severe penalties, which are described under § 18.2-152.5 of the Virginia Code. Computer invasion of privacy can include spyware or hacking and occurs when an individual uses a computer or computer network for the intention of examining records related to another individual.

Newport News Criminal Attorney Fights for You

You can face heavy penalties if you are charged with any type of computer or internet crime. If you face allegations for any type of computer crime, including child pornography or internet solicitation of a minor, you must take immediate legal action. If you are convicted, you can face time in prison, large fines, and other severe consequences. You may have been under investigation for a substantial time before you even became aware of the charges you face. For that reason, you should take action today!

If you have been charged with an internet crime, you should schedule a free case evaluation to have your circumstances closely assessed. Our lawyer understands the elements which must be established to build a solid case. As a former state prosecutor with almost 40 years of experience defending the criminally charged, he can help you through your internet crime case. Contact our firm today to avoid the maximum penalties!

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