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Probation is sometimes granted as part of a criminal convict's sentence. In many cases, probation is granted as an alternative to jail, which is often viewed as a lenient sentence. If this probation is violated, however, the alleged criminal can face much harsher penalties. If you are charged for violating the terms of your probation, you will need to obtain aggressive legal guidance. Whether you moved without permission or violated another limitation within your probation, you will need to take immediate action. If you are charged with a probation violation, speak with our Newport News criminal defense attorney about your charges and start building your defense.

How can my probation be violated?

Many specific limitations are placed on your probation. The probation officer assigned to your case will need to prove that you violated the terms of your probation. For that reason, you will need to have skilled legal representation by your side and develop a strong knowledge of how your probation can be violated. Although the exact rules of your probation will vary, it can often be violated in the following ways:

Failure to Appear
If you have failed to appear at a schedule court appearance on a set date and time, the court may consider this a failure to appear. As part of your probation, you will also be required to report to a probation officer at set times on specific dates. Failure to report to your probation officer can also be considered a probation violation.

Not Obtaining Permission from Your Probation Officer
Your probation sentence will likely include a number of basic limitations, such as where you live and the job you hold. You will need to obtain permission from your probation officer before you can move, change jobs, or visit an out-of-state friend. You can be charged with a violation of probation if you fail to receive permission before you take one of those actions.

Commission of a New Crime
If you are found to have committed another crime after you are placed on probation, you will likely receive increased penalties and be sent to jail. Whether you are found to be in possession of illegal drugs or are arrested for a sex crime, you will need to obtain strong defense if you are on probation. While you are on probation, you will also be held to a higher standard. For example, you may be required to be monitored through random drug and alcohol tests.

Defense from Our Newport News Probation Violation Attorney

If you are charged with probation violation, you will need to take action for a strong defense. During a probation hearing, the judge will hear your case and consider whether or not the terms of your probation were violated. We can stand by your side and present a thoroughly investigated case. Contact our firm today for the defense you need!

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