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Larry King Law of Newport News, Virginia represents victims for all types of serious injuries, catastrophic injury, and wrongful death cases. This may include disfigurement, scarring, amputations, spinal cord injuries (paraplegia and quadriplegia), chronic pain, brain injury, paralysis, permanent disabilities, severe burns, disruption of important body systems, and fatalities. The lives of victims and their families are forever changed. Victims usually face mounting medical bills and living expenses. Special lifelong medical care and treatment may be required. Victims may be prevented from working, enjoying cherished activities, or otherwise suffer a substantial loss of the quality of their lives.


A personal injury is a legal term encompassing harm or damage to the human body, mind or emotions. The harm must be proximately caused by the accident or wrongful conduct. Injuries may be described by their cause or effect; location on the body; the cells, tissues, organs or structures involved; loss of function; the nature and degree of the injury; whether the injury is temporary or permanent; and whether the injury is physical and/or psychological. A traumatic event can cause multiple injuries of various degrees and significance. Serious and catastrophic injuries can be life threatening and life altering. Injuries can range from a simple bruise to death. A significant component of any injury is the degree of pain and suffering caused by the wrongful event. Physical injuries can cause severe psychological and emotional consequences. Psychological injuries can impede normal activities.

Fundamental to all personal injury cases is to be able to prove and establish that there was in fact an injury. One must be able to prove with competent evidence the nature and extent of all alleged injuries. This may be done by credible evidence including that of the victim, the treating doctors, and objective evidence such as x-rays, MRI, and other diagnostic test.


In a complex and uncertain world, a person may become ill or suffer an injury, health problem, or death from an unexpected cause, questionable, or unknown reason. This may be caused by purely natural causes or from wrongful conduct, a harmful product or other culpable reason that may be determined by insightful consideration, expert assessment, or forensic investigation. When something unexpected happens, we always ask why. If wrongful action or a dangerous product is involved, you or a loved one may have a significant legal claim. Call us for a free consultation; we may be able to help you when others have turned you away.


Essential to all personal injury cases is the ability to prove that wrongful or negligent conduct proximately caused injuries or wrongful death. This can be a hotly contested issue in any personal injury claim. There may be allegations that the injuries are disproportionate to the accident or that the victim had a preexisting problem. Insurance companies go to great lengths to discount the nature, extent, and existence of claimed injuries. They may hire their own experts to come to court to contradict or minimize an injury claim.


From a legal viewpoint, your injuries and health care treatment needs to be reasonable and in proportion to the seriousness of the accident event. Generally, the value of a case depends on the specifics of your accident. For example, injuries can be easier to prove in a high-speed vehicular accident involving significant property damage, while similar injuries will be difficult to prove in a slow speed accident with little or no property damage.


As an experienced personal injury law firm, we have handled thousands of types of injury cases involving just about any type of traumatic or wrongfully caused injury. We have made it our business to acquire the knowledge, insights and understanding of the causes, nature, and consequences of all types of injuries. This includes our ability to clearly communicate with medical doctors and health care providers from a variety of specialties including without limit surgeons, orthopedist, ophthalmologist, neurosurgeons, internist, chiropractors, dentist, psychiatrist, neuropsychologist, pathologist, podiatrist, radiologist, cardiologist, and pain management specialist.


For years, Larry King Law has zealously fought for the rights of thousands of accident victims and those wrongfully injured. Larry King Law knows that solid preparation is essential for success in any legal matter, and that this requires years of knowledge, experience, and ability to demand answers to tough questions. With tenacious preparation, we will determine how and why you were injured, who is responsible, and the best way for you to recover just compensation.

As experienced personal injury attorneys, we will prepare all cases as if we are going to trial. We understand that we must be able to prove that the injuries claimed are real. We will monitor your care and treatment and obtain needed records, bills, and diagnostic test. We will communicate with you and your doctor regarding your care and treatment and their opinions. We will give you our opinions regarding your past, present, and future needs. We will prepare exhibits to insure that a jury better understands the full extent of your injuries and how much you have suffered.


Dial 757-209-2265, or use our Personal Injury Contact form, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We are committed to doing the extra things it takes to help our clients. We will battle to get you justice because "Every Client is special, and Each Matter is important."

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