Amputations/Loss Limbs

Pursuing Compensation for Victims of Amputation Injuries

Amputations can be either complete (the entire part of the body has been separated) or partial (there is still partial attachment of the body part). Amputations can involve fingertips, individual digits (fingers, toes), partial extremities (arms, legs) or entire extremities. Traumatic amputations may be isolated injuries or occur with other injuries in a traumatic injury. Tearing, crushing and lacerating forces can all result in an amputation. These forces can be a result of motor vehicle accidents, heavy equipmentor machinery and high-speed tools.

Reattachment Surgery May or May Not be an Option

Many factors are taken into account when decisions are made regarding reattachment of the amputate body part. The mechanism of the amputation force is vital. Body parts that were amputated in a straight edged laceration method (for example, amputation of a finger with a circular saw) have the best outcome and potential for successful reattachment. Crush injuries (for example, amputation of a body part after crushing in heavy machinery) result in extensive soft tissue damage with decreased chances for successful implantation. Stretching or pulling forces in amputations also result in extensive soft damage that decreases the changes for successful reattachment. Other factors that determine the ability to reattach an amputation include the length of time from the injury, amount and type of contaminants present in the wound, other significant life threatening injuries that may be present and the person's general physical condition.

Amputation Complications

Complications of amputations are often dependent upon the body part affected. Accident victims with significant amputation injuries or peoples with amputations present with other injuries may be at risk for shock due to bleeding. Contaminates of the amputation can result in infections and poor healing. Accident victims who do not have a successful reattachment or the possibility of reattachment do not exist will be faced with lifestyle changes and psychosocial issues.

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