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The back can refer to any area adjacent to the spine running from the neck to the coccyx. There are many accidents that can cause back injury. Pain in the back can occur due to a muscle strain or pull or something extremely serious. Any type of trauma may lead to a person experiencing lower back pain. These include motor vehicle accidents (such as car, motorcycle or truck accidents), falls and direct blows to the back. There are other causes for lower back pain and these include a ruptured disc, occupation (i.e. sitting or standing for long periods of time), being overweight, tumors or infections of the back. Occasionally a person could experience back pain without a definitive causative reason.

Whiplash Injury Compensation

“Whiplash” injury affects the neck when it is snapped in backward or forward motion forcefully. This back and forth jerking motion causes the neck to move beyond its normal limits. This type of injury usually occurs in an accident situation and can involve the muscles, tendons, disks, blood vessels and nerves in the neck. Dependent upon the severity of the accident and the force of the motion, the jerking motion may result in bulging or herniated discs, compression, stretching or tearing of cervical nerves and soft tissue/muscle injuries. Accidents that may result in a whiplash injury include motor vehicle accidents (i.e. rear end collision) and sports related accidents (i.e. being tackled from behind forcefully).

Accident victims with whiplash may develop pain or stiffness in the front and/or back of neck, pain between the shoulders, dizziness, headache and/or occasional nausea and vomiting. These symptoms may develop immediately following the incident or take up to 24 hours to develop. Victims may develop complications of temporary numbness and weakness in the arms if their nerve roots were affected with the whiplash injury.

Treatment of whiplash/neck pain often includes medications, ice/heat and physical therapy. With appropriate treatment, whiplash often resolves between 1 week and 3 months.

Lower Back Injury Settlements

Accident victims with a lower back injury may complain of pain in the lower back. Pain may occur immediately following an incident or take hours after the injury to develop. Lower back pain can be described from a mildly aching to severe, limiting pain that does not allow a person to continue with their normal activities. Injured persons may also experience pain shooting down their leg, buttocks or thigh. This is often as a result of compression or pinching of the sciatic nerve. If the pain is due to a muscular reason, a person may often experience a worsening of the pain with movement, sneezing, or coughing.

Neck and Back Disc Injuries

Accident victims with ruptured or herniated discs often experience excruciating pain with numbness or pain radiating down the buttocks, thigh and leg. Discs are a soft cartilage material between the vertebras that allows for padding and shock absorption. The discs allow the back to movement and bend freely, providing cushioning between the bony structures of the spine. Natural degeneration due to age, repetitive poor posture or an accident or back injury may result in a weakening of the discs. Each disc has a soft fluid type material that begins to bulge through the cartilage when the disc has been weakened. This is often referred to as a “bulging disc.” Any incident could result in this bulging disc to completely rupture through, resulting in a ruptured disc. Often, severe pain is a result of the rupture.

Treatment for Back and Neck Injuries

Physical therapy rest and medications is often prescribed to accident victims with back injuries and pain. Physical therapy is often prescribed to assist with strengthening back muscles. Treatment and care may include a back brace and utilize hot or cold packs to the area. However, a severely injured person with continued pain after physical therapy may require surgery if they sustained a ruptured disc. Always get prompt medical attention for yourself or anyone suffering a back injury. If you, a friend, or loved one have wrongfully suffered from a back injury, you ask why, and take immediate steps to protect your or their legal interest. Consider the suggestions in our accident guide, and call us immediately. We are here to help.

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