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A catastrophic injury involves terrible suffering from permanent lifelong injury and disability. It generally means a loss of independence, chronic physical or emotional pain, financial insecurity, huge medical bills, tension and stress on the victim and family members, and lifelong dreams and plans shattered. Catastrophic injuries are physical, emotional and financially devastating.

The causes of catastrophic injuries are unlimited. A catastrophic injury can result from a dramatic car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, doctor errors, recreational accident, or an unexpected slip and fall, to name a few. Victims suffer severe consequences such as paralysis, amputations, loss of motor skills, brain injury, scarring and disfigurement, organ damage, paraplegia, quadriplegia, coma, and an overall loss of quality of life. Victims can require long-term medical care and the inability to work again. Damage claims usually include medical bills and damages, loss earnings, future care and treatment, loss of quality of life, scarring and disfigurement, and pain and suffering. Claims can involve the payment of liens, including Medicaid, Medicare, and ERISA Plans

Serious and catastrophic injuries and wrongful death lawsuits can involve claims for millions of dollars. Larry King Law has the knowledge, experience, skill, and ability to help you maximize the value of you case. Every day we work with medical professionals, all types of expert witnesses, investigators, and the courts. We work hard and smart to empower and protect your right to just compensation for

  • Pain & Suffering
  • Medical Bills
  • Loss Wages , Opportunities, &promotions
  • Future Medical Care and Treatment
  • Temporary, Partial, or Permanent Disability
  • Brain, Psychological, or Emotional Injury
  • A Reduction in Life Expectancy
  • Financial, Economic, or Opportunity Loss
  • The Loss of Quality of Your Life
  • Scarring, Disfigurement, or Amputations

Moreover, we understand and work with issues related to Social Security, Special Needs Trust, and the impact of government programs such Medicare, Medicare, and workers compensation. In addition to these, we understand the interrelationships and requirements of ERISA, Military Benefits, and other work related matters.

Larry King Law knows accidents and injuries, we know the law and we can help. Don’t talk to insurance adjusters or their agents, always call us first. We will protect you from their ploys and pressures to get you to settle.

If you, a friend, loved one has been seriously injured, call Larry King Law immediately at 757-596-8100. You are welcome to come by our normal office without an appointment. Available 24/7 every day of the year. We take your personal injury personally.

You Need An Experienced And Committed Legal Team

Legal claims involving catastrophic injuries can involve complex legal, medical, and financial issues. We have the knowledge and experience to properly evaluate, prepare and present your case with vigor and clarity. A talented legal team of veteran attorneys, paralegals, and support staff will aggressively pursue your case. We always strive to achieve the best possible results. We are always here to help you.

How Larry King Law Can Help

For years, Larry King Law has zealously fought for the rights of thousands of accident victims. Larry King Law knows that solid preparation is essential for success in any legal matter, and that this requires expert knowledge, experience, and ability to demand answers to tough questions. With tenacious preparation, we will determine how and why you were injured, who is responsible, and the best way for you to recover just compensation.

Protect Your Rights And Interest

Larry King Law is a skillful and experienced personal injury law firm that helps automobile accident victims. If you, a friend, or loved one suffers a catastrophic injury, let Larry King take the immediate steps necessary to protect your rights and interest. Do not compromise your rights by making statements to the press, insurance investigators, potential defendants, their representatives, and do not sign anything. We will handle every aspect of your case in a thorough and professional manner.

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