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Every 18 seconds a fire department responds to a fire somewhere in the nation. A residential fire occurs every 78 seconds. About every 2 hours, someone dies in a fire. Every year thousands of wrongful deaths occurred as a result of residential fires. Residential property loss due to fire was more than $4.6 billion. Estimates of the cost of a fire-related death are around $1 to $3 million per statistical life.

The most common cause is cooking and heating equipment (39%). 23% of house fires that cause a death are due to smoking. Children playing with ignition sources (matches, cigarette lighters) cause approximately 10% of fatalities. Impairment due to alcohol consumption may be the strongest independent risk factor for death after outbreak of fire. One study found that intoxication contributed to 40% of deaths due to residential fires. Most residential fires occur during the winter months (December-February). The fewest occur in the summer (June-August). African-American children aged 0 through 14 years are more than three times more likely to die in a residential fire than are white children.

We help fire and burn victims. As a state prosecutor, Larry King was the legal consultant for the Newport News Fire Marshals Accident Investigation team. He brings this significant experience in helping victims of fire and burn injuries.

When fires occur, we always ask "Why?" There are complex legal and factual issues that should be thoroughly considered, investigated, and resolved. Some of the issues to be considered include the following.

  • What was the ignition source?
  • What was the nature of all flammable materials?
  • What was the nature of any toxic fumes?
  • Did unattended cooking on a stove or in an oven cause the fire?
  • Was the injured person wearing flammable apparel?
  • Was there a smoker in the household?
  • Did smoking in bed cause ignition?
  • Were cigarettes left burning unattended?
  • Could any flammable material or product been made safer?
  • Was the fire caused by defective wiring?
  • Were flammable substances improperly stored?
  • Was the building a public or private building?
  • Were smoke detectors properly installed and working?
  • Did children cause the fire?
  • Who was responsible to supervise the children?
  • Did any children have improper access to flammable materials or matches?
  • Was there any violation of any laws or building codes?
  • Was there any violation of federal flammability standards?
  • Was there any indication of arson?
  • Has anyone been charged with a criminal offense?
  • Was the fire caused by defective equipment?
  • Did emergency equipment properly function?
  • Was there a proper emergency response?
  • Did an explosion occur?
  • Is there liability insurance coverage?
  • Where there first, second, or third degree burns?
  • What percent of the body sustained burns and to what degree?
  • Were there injuries to the lungs or other parts of the body?
  • If a death occurred, who are the beneficiaries for a wrongful death claim?

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It is important that an experienced legal team evaluate a fire accident claim. Complex legal, factual, and evidentiary issues may be involved. If you, a loved one, or friend are injured in a fire accident, you should take immediate steps to protect their interest. Do not compromise your rights by making statements to the press, insurance investigators, potential defendants, their representatives, and do not sign anything. Consider the suggestions in our accident guide, and call us immediately. We are here to help. At Larry King Law we recognize the unique issues pertaining to your claim. You can call us at 757-209-2265 seven days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can now contact us now on this web site by calling or using our Contact form. We are committed to doing the extra things it takes to help our clients.

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