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Recreational activities can cause any number of injuries. Although these activities can naturally result in substantial injuries, negligence on the part of other individuals can increase the chances of injury occurring. If you or a loved one has suffered injury from a recreational accident because of another participant's negligence, you can speak with our Newport News personal injury attorney for legal assistance.

Types of Recreational Accidents

Injuries can be caused by any types of recreational activities. Personal watercrafts are frequently involved in recreational accidents that can result in drowning and other severe injuries. Boating is another water activity that can lead to personal injuries. All types of sports also carry inherent risks that can be increased when an individual acts in a reckless manner and thus causes serious injuries to another person. When team members or coaches do not provide an adequate level of care to players, serious injuries can result.

  • Sports (All Levels)
  • School Activities
  • Water Activities (Boating, rafting, swimming pools, jet skiing, etc.)
  • Dangerous Equipment
  • Inadequate Supervision
  • Intentional Injuries
  • Reckless Conduct
  • Vacation Activities (Rock Climbing, ATVs, Hang gliding, Diving, etc.)
  • Winter Activities

The state of Virginia has a large number of parks and facilities that are used for various recreational activities. Individuals of all ages engage in sports and other activities that can result in substantial injuries to the participants. Lakes, rivers, and other outdoor locations are other resources that the state offers to individuals who enjoy living active lifestyles. If another person's negligence has caused your injuries in any of these locations or recreational situations, you should take steps toward pursuing monetary compensation.

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