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Fire in Chesapeake Kills 3, Injures 6


This weekend, three people were killed and six other people were injured after a four-alarm fire early on Saturday, July 15, 2017. The fire occurred at Chesapeake Crossing Apartments, a senior living complex. Firefighters were called out to Robert Hall Boulevard at 4:35 a.m., and they arrived on the scene six minutes later to find smoke issuing from the roof of three, three-story buildings at the complex.

Resident Sharon Johnson says she heard a loud boom about fifteen minutes before the police began knocking on the door of the complex, trying to get people up and out of the building. Officials reported the fire was under control by 6:45 a.m., more than two hours after the fire was first reported.

The Chesapeake Fire Department reported 144 apartments are in unlivable conditions, meaning more than 150 residents will need to find alternate living arrangements after the fire. Three out of five of the buildings in the complex caught fire, and much of the roofing and upper walls of the buildings collapsed.

Out of the total number of residents, three people were confirmed deceased, each of them located in different areas of the complex. Four civilians and two fire fighters were also injured by the blaze, but they are all in stable conditions. All residents have also been accounted for.

The residents were able to visit an emergency shelter at Indian River High School, and the City of Chesapeake and the owners of Chesapeake Crossing Apartments also arranged hotel rooms for thirty-one displaced people. The remainder of the residents made their own lodging arrangements. There is no information yet as to what caused the fire.

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